Prayer and Praise 2018

We give God the praise and thanks for:

*God's goodness and faithfulness never changes!
*His provision of water, food, shelter, and blankets for animals!
*Health and strength of all who feed and keep the ranch going in the freezing winter
*Health of all the animals
*All the staff and every volunteer
*All the prayers that are lifted up on behalf of H.U.G.S. Ranch
*For the hope and healing that has happened in the children's lives from going to H.U.G.S.
*For the continued growth and support for the ranch
*Our families and friends
*The gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ's death on the cross
*Beauty of the different seasons! (even winter) :)

We "cast our cares upon you" (1 Peter 5:7) and ask that you:

*Bless the children and their families that come to the ranch, that they may remember their journey to the cross
*Board to have clear direction for the future of the ranch
*Continued provision through the cold winter
*Wranglers in school and those dealing with personal struggles
*That the lesson and craft for this summer will be completely inspired by you, God
*You choose which children will need to come to the ranch this year
*That someone steps up for the auction committee
*Wranglers and volunteers who have blessed the ranch immensely and are struggling with health concerns
*Our spiritual leader, Tammi, who is undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease
*provide all the supplies needed for the indoor riding arena
*continue to provide the finances needed to keep the Ranch going