Prayer and Praise 2017

We give God the praise and thanks for:

   *His faithfulness from season to season.
   *The hope and healing He has given the children through the love of Christ.

   *All volunteers and staff, especially for the ones that faithfully show up in the heart of winter to care for the animals. 

   *His constant provision and protection for all the animals (a barn full of hay and warm blankets).

   *All the stories and smiles of the beautiful children that have visited us at the Ranch.  They truly warm our hearts and encourage us to continue.

   *All the prayers and support we continue to receive from our "H.U.G.S. family".

We "cast our cares upon you" (1 Peter 5:7) and ask that you:

   *Make it our hearts desire to keep you the Rock and center of all we do at the Ranch.

   *Provide many mentors and wranglers for the upcoming season so no children will have to be turned away.

   *Watch over and bless every child and volunteer that has come to the Ranch.

   *Prepare our hearts to speak the truth to the children and prepare their hearts to receive the truth.

   *Continue to provide for all the needs of the ministry.

   *Bring healing to the wrangler that is struggling with ongoing health issues.

   *Make H.U.G.S. Ranch a beacon of light and hope in the community, bringing You the glory.