Horses Remembered

This section serves as a reminder of horses who have blessed the ranch in the past and who will be remembered in the hearts of our children and volunteers forever.

1/1/1995 - 4/19/2017
Sweetie, a 15.1 hand sorrel Quarter Horse mare and a retired show horse, was donated by the Meerman family. She will forever live in the hearts of so many children and adults that she blessed.

1/1/1983 - 3/3/2018
Promise, a 15.1 hand sorrel/roan Appaloosa gelding, was owned by the Carter family. He had severe allergies to the sun and some grasses. Once Promise decided that he liked you, he would be your best friend for life. He will be remembered for his stubborn attitude which taught people not to give up, his tendency to be an escape artist and eat the green grass he loved but was allergic to, and his overcoming of many struggles, which many could relate to and learn from him how to keep going, no matter what. He was loved by all and changed the lives of many.

4/8/1992 - 9/26/2018
Easter Belles, a 15 hand sorrel Quarter Horse mare and a retired reining horse, was donated by Ed Shaarda. She was a very, very sweet girl who excelled as a therapy horse due to her ability to read emotions and know what each person she interacted with needed at that moment. She was born on Easter morning in 1992.