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Become a Prayer Circle Partner and Receive Emails with Prayer and Praise.

Even if you are tempted to complain about imperfections you think you might have, consider these Biblical examples:

  • Moses stuttered but God used him to be a great spokesman.

  • Jacob had a limp yet God chose him to be a great leader.

  • Zacchaeus was noticeably short and not liked because of his occupation, but God accepted him and chose to eat with him.

  • King Saul and King David dealt with depression.

  • "For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus." Ephesians 2:10

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God's protection for the volunteers, participants, and horses during the winter weather.

The Holy Spirit to work in lives who are searching, that they would believe in Jesus and cling tightly to Him.

Prayers for H.U.G.S. Ranch friend, Craig Vandenbos, who is in need of a liver donation.

Pray for those who especially struggle during the months of limited sunshine, and for there to be more sunlight.

Please pray for safe travels for our staff as they come into work.

Pray for no frozen pipes and for our staff to be able to maintain them throughout the winter.

For our new volunteers as they fill out applications, guidance as we interview them, and wisdom as we schedule and prepare for the summer sessions.

For there to be more awareness of the Ranch and what we do in the community.

Please pray for God's guidance as we continue to develop this coming year's theme.


The way God is speaking through the mentors and wranglers as they share how Jesus has helped them get through difficult experiences.

We are very thankful for both our new and our return volunteers.

For our generous and faithful donors, and how they believe in the mission and encourage us.

Praise for our new horses, E.J. and Lynx.

Our volunteers who come and help us year round.

Thankful that our pipes have not frozen yet this year.

We are grateful for the welcome center to aid in serving the children's families that come to the Ranch.

Thankful for the staff we are blessed to have to work together and share the responsibilities that keep the Ranch going.

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