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Even if you are tempted to complain about imperfections you think you might have, consider these Biblical examples:

  • Moses stuttered but God used him to be a great spokesman.

  • Jacob had a limp yet God chose him to be a great leader.

  • Zacchaeus was noticeably short and not liked because of his occupation, but God accepted him and chose to eat with him.

  • King Saul and King David dealt with depression.

  • "For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus." Ephesians 2:10

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For everyone who comes to the ranch for any reason can feel God’s presence in the peace and quiet that can be found.


For God’s direction as we formulate additional programs for adults


For the continued health of our horses as they age



For evidence of children and teens realizing being made in God’s image, they are perfect just the way they are no matter what others may say. To know that their faces can reflect happiness and joy because Jesus is the source of the reflection others see.


For mentors and wranglers seeing God work in miraculous ways from day to day, week to week, in the sessions.


For parents who have seen changes in their children and teens that hadn’t been achieved during traditional therapy sessions.


For volunteers who have stepped up to help get the hay in the barn and donations of hay that has been donated.


For team bonding sessions bringing awareness to school administrators, teachers, and corporate leaders encouraging improved work environments.


For faithful financial support through monthly and individual donations.