Prayer and Praise 2019

We give God the praise and thanks for:

*God's goodness and faithfulness never changes!

*His provision of water, food, shelter, and blankets for animals!

*Health and strength of all who feed and keep the ranch going in the freezing winter

*Health of all the animals

*All the staff and every volunteer

*All the prayers that are lifted up on behalf of H.U.G.S. Ranch

*For the hope and healing that has happened in the children's lives from coming to H.U.G.S.

*For the continued growth and support for the ranch

*Our families and friends

*The gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ's death on the cross

*Beauty of the different seasons! (even winter) :)

We "cast our cares upon you" (1 Peter 5:7) and ask that you:

*Bless the children and their families that come to the ranch, that they may remember their journey to the cross

*Board to have clear direction for the future of the ranch

*Continued provision through the cold winter

*Bless wranglers in school and those dealing with personal struggles

*That the lesson and craft for this summer will be completely inspired by you, God

*You choose which children will need to come to the ranch this year

*That someone steps up for the auction committee

*Wranglers and volunteers who have blessed the ranch immensely and are struggling with health concerns

*Our spiritual leader, Tammi, who is undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease

*Provide all the supplies needed for the indoor riding arena

*Continue to provide the finances needed to keep the Ranch going

Last summer I mentored a teenage boy who had physical disabilities and it was through prayer and sheer determination that he was able to get on his horse. I witnessed this shy teenager share with us about his life. He participated in all of the activities in the arena and thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Ranch. He always asked for prayer for others and he always rode in all of his sessions. He was a returning client and he got a new horse last year and grew comfortable on him quickly.