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“Bit” is a sorrel and white pinto miniature horse.

He was born in 2003 and is 30 inches tall. He has several special needs, including a severe overbite that makes it difficult for him to bite. The most prominent of these special needs is poor vision, thus giving him very poor balance. If he gets scared or excited, he tends to get knocked off balance.

Bit loves to be groomed but may lose his balance when picking out his hooves. He is an excellent example to relate to God’s love and purpose for each of us, despite our physical flaws. His balance has gotten a lot better as the children have been working with him and teaching him to jump.


Banner is a Bay Tobiano Paint horse. He was born in 2001 and is 16 hands tall. Previously he was used for cutting and reigning. He is very gentle, sweet and loves to bond with people. He was donated in the summer of 2022 by Betty Thomas 



Chance is a 14.3 hand, liver chestnut, Morgan-Quarter horse gelding. It is estimated that he was born around the year 2007. Little is known about Chance’s past. He had not been cared for properly earlier in his life but has had some professional training. He is a very calm, laid-back horse who is eager to greet almost everyone. Chance is still getting acclimated to the ranch, and we are learning more about his personality. He was donated by Jill Glass



Cody Joe is a 14.2 hand palomino, Quarter Horse Gelding, born May 18, 1989. He joined the ranch in the spring of 2019. Cody loves attention but it is usually once you have built a bond with him. He will play hard to catch sometimes. It’s not because he doesn’t want the attention it just has to be on his time.


Chester is a grey/roan burro gelding born in 2003. He has no markings other than a small star on his forehead and he is 11.1 hands tall. Chester is our official greeter. His big ears and sweet personality make him a favorite of all. Don’t let him fool you though, he can be very stubborn and strong-willed. He loves to be groomed and loved on.

20220906_164221 (2).jpg


Jack is a grade Quarter Horse gelding. He is a bay with three white socks. It is estimated he was born around the year 2013. Jack is owned by Lisa Carter and is going through training to become a therapy horse.



Knox is a Miniature Shetland gelding born on June 24, 2008.  He is 40 inches tall who was trained by the Amish to pull a cart.  He came from a very loving and caring home who loved him dearly but due to a busy household with young kids he needed more attention.  Knox has Cushing’s disease and is insulin resistant, so he needs special medication, a strict diet and a lot of exercise.  He can be a little scared at first but once he knows he can trust you he will do anything for you.


Little Jack is a miniature donkey who stands 29 inches high. He was born in 2002. Little Jack came to the ranch in the summer of 2022 from a home where he was loved and taken care of, but he couldn't go to college when all his horse friends moved with their caretaker. They knew he would miss his friends and not get the attention he needed. Now he is friends with Knox and Bit of Hope

His big eyes and long ears draw you in. He is curious and playful, has his own sense of timing and doesn't like to be pressured into doing things. Patience is key.

20220906_170445 (2).jpg


Pippi is a bay and white Paint mare born in 2008.  She is owned by Lindsey Carter.  Pippi is one that likes to be in charge and control the herd.  Though she can tend to be bossy to the other horses she has a kind heart and loves people.

POCAHONTAS (aka Pokey)

Pocahontas is a Halflinger Paint horse born in 2003. She is 15 hands tall. She loves food but is insulin resistant, so we watch her diet carefully. Pocahontas is friendly, willing to participate in equine assisted learning, and a little quirky. Pocahontas came to the Ranch in the summer of 2022 and was donated by Betty Thomas.

20220830_142408 (2).jpg


Prince is a 12.1 hand sorrel/roan Halflinger gelding born in 1991.  Prince loves people, especially children.  He loves grooming and braiding time and will stand for hours.  He has a large blaze on his face and looks like a mini-Samson.


Samson is a 17.2 hands Belgium gelding born in 2006.  He is a draft horse and the largest horse at the ranch. He weighs about 2000 lbs. Samson is like a big teddy bear who loves children and attention. He drives and pulls a cart.

20220526_104259 (2).jpg
20220906_165926 (2).jpg


Sante Jack is a 14-hand buckskin with a blanket Pony of America (P.O.A.) gelding born in 2001. He is owned by the Carter family and retired from being a 4-H pony.  He is a very calm and caring pony with a big heart. Sante can tend to be stubborn at times especially when food is involved.


Sugar is a buckskin mare and a registered Quarter Horse. She was born in 2006 and lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for most of her life.  She was a pasture pet for many years and in 2019 she started being used as a trail horse for pleasure riding.  She came to the ranch in the summer of 2021.  She likes being friends with all the horses and loves to eat and hang out with horse friends. She doesn’t always like to be caught but once you get her, she is willing to work and learn with you.



Tanna is a 15.1 hand chestnut quarter horse mare born in 2003. She has a star, stripe, and snip on her face and socks on both of her left legs. Tanna loves being groomed and loves attention.  She has arthritis in her hind legs. The exercise the children give her helps her with that.  You will notice a strap around her neck. This is because she cribs, it helps her from cribbing. What a great example of how even though she struggles with that she is gifted in so many other areas.


Texas is a Bay Quarter Horse born in April of 2004. He has a bright strip, snip on his face, one sock and a white dot on each of his hips. He stands 15.2 hands high. Texas came to the Ranch the fall of 2022 from a family that loved to trail ride. Texas is very friendly and curious. He is often the first to greet you in the pasture.

20220906_165736 (2).jpg


Tiny is 12 hands and is a bay part Arabian part Welsh pony, born in 1990. Tiny has suffered from abuse and neglect in his past and he bears those scars.  Tiny is not a very patient pony and can be stubborn at times but has a heart of gold. He is a good example for kids to see how that can be frustrating at times and how it can relate to their personal lives.

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