The Horses

Our Faithful Partners


Bit of Hope, or "Bit," is a 15-year-old, 30" tall sorrel and white pinto Miniature Horse. He has several special needs, including a severe overbite that makes it difficult for him to bite. The most prominent of these special needs is poor vision, thus giving him very poor balance. If he gets scared or excited, he tends to get knocked off balance. Bit loves to be groomed, but may lose his balance when you pick out his hooves. He is an excellent example to relate God's love and purpose for each of us, despite our physical flaws.


Chester is a 15-year-old grey/roan burro gelding. He was born out west and then donated to the ranch by Greg and Hayley Giamo. He has no markings other than a small star on his forehead and he is 11.1 hands tall, making him one of the smallest here at the ranch. Chester is our official greeting committee - his big ears and sweet personality make him a favorite of all, and he loves to stand with his head out the new barn door, calling to everyone as they arrive.


Classie is a 30-year-old bay Quarter Horse mare. She was donated to the ranch by the Holsem family. She has no markings and she is 14.2 hands high. She is a retired show horse and is a very sweet girl who loves everyone she meets.


Lincoln is a 20-year-old bay grade gelding. He was donated to the ranch by Carol Braun. He has a star on his forehead and he is 15 hands high. Lincoln is a retired trail horse, and he is the only gaited horse at the ranch.


Mr. Man is a 23-year old palomino Quarter Horse gelding, born on June 21, 1995. He was donated to the ranch by Alex Myaard. He has a star on his forehead and he is 15.1 hands high. Mr. Man is a retired barrel racing horse and he is very sweet. He loves attention and grooming and spending time with people. Although he is somewhat tall, he is a slow and easygoing horse to ride, making him a favorite among many!


Oliver, or "Ollie" as he is better known, is a 15-year old sorrel with blanket Appaloosa gelding. He is owned by Lisa Carter. He has very bold coloring and he is 15.2 hands high. Ollie is a show horse and has been shown in western, English, showmanship, and trail classes.


Prince is a 27-year-old sorrel/roan Haflinger Pony gelding. He was donated by the Steffes family. He has no markings and he is 12.1 hands high. He has been trained in the past to pull a cart, so he has a very fast trot. Prince loves people, especially children!


Samson is a 12-year-old red roan Belgian gelding. He is 17.2 hands tall and weighs about 2000 pounds! He came to the Ranch in September of 2018 and has been a wonderful addition to the program. He is a draft horse, making him the biggest horse here!


Sante Jack (or Sante as we know him) is a 17-year-old buckskin with blanket Pony of the Americas (P.O.A.) gelding. He is owned by the Carter family. He has very bold markings and he is 14 hands high. Sante can be stubborn and slow, but his calm and caring nature makes him an excellent therapy pony.


Shadow is a 24-year-old black Thoroughbred gelding. He is technically a blood bay in color, but he looks black. He was donated by the Keener family. He is a retired hunter/jumper. He has a small star and he is 16 hands high. He is great for teaching children how to put on a bridle because he will lower his head for you. Shadow is a great example for children struggling with fear and anxiety because of his fears of crossing a wooden bridge and horse flies.


Tanna is a 15-year-old sorrel/chestnut Quarter Horse mare, born on March 12, 2003. She was donated to the ranch by Taylor Goorhouse. She has a star, strip, and snip on her face and socks on both of her left legs, and she is 15.1 hands high. Tanna is easygoing and fun to ride. She loves grooming and will stand quietly to be groomed or receive any sort of attention.


Tiny is a 28-year-old bay pony gelding. We are unsure of his breeding but believe him to be part Arabian horse and part Welsh pony. He was donated to the ranch by Jamie Lett, who first rescued him and nursed him back to health. He has a small star and he is 12 hands high. Tiny has suffered both abuse and neglect in his past and he bears those scars, but he loves his job as a therapy pony and the children adore him.