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H.U.G.S. programs all involve unmounted horsemanship activities such as grooming, leading, and challenges.  EAL is a unique approach to experiential learning, where children are offered safe experiences with horses for the purpose of learning social-emotional skills. These are often done individually but are also used in group settings that focus on problem-solving and team-building. Horses are strong, independent, and emotionally expressive animals. Learning how horses respond to our actions often shows us the impact of our actions, increasing our self-awareness.


Individual One on One

This program promotes mental, emotional, physical,
and social healing to children ages 5-18.
4 Week, one on one sessions available Spring/Summer/Fall

Crisis sessions by appointment 

Goal - to provide a ranch experience where children and teens can be mentored, nurtured and see their dreams realized. Together the children, mentors and horses experience unconditional love, acceptance and freedom to trust in one another.

Equine-assisted Learning includes time with horses grooming, leading, braiding, painting, horse challenges and herd observation.

It is our hope and prayer that self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, dignity, independence and improved social skills will be developed as participants learn unconditional love and acceptance through Christ, who brings love, hope, and peace. 

2023 Summer Sessions (Group One) June 10-July 11

2023 Summer Sessions (Group Two) July 15-August 8

Suggested donation $35/session  (4 sessions/$140)


Family Sessions

This program will help families integrate the lessons they learn as they watch horses responding naturally to various behaviors.   We will examine the effects of herd instincts as well.  Sessions are designed to accommodate a variety of situations that arise with varied behaviors in a family unit. There are 5 progams to choose from.
Recommended donation is $65

•    Observe the horse herd in different situations.  

What’s normal? What’s not normal?
•    How does your herd (family) relate to the horse herd’s dynamics?


•    Examine your family’s perspective on your “corral”.
•    What is hindering your family from effectively living as a unit?


•    Explore the value of communication between all members of the family.
•    Do you rely on each other?  

  • How does your family function under stress and pressure?

•    Examine a horse’s response to pressure and pain.
•    What is your response to pressure and/or pain?
•    Are these responses acceptable?


•    Straight from the horse’s mouth? Examine how the horse’s actions and behaviors can translate into verbal statements.
•    How do your verbal and non-verbal convictions influence the statements you make? 

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Team Building

This program is for corporate teams, youth groups, church groups, school groups. Sessions are 2 hours and limited to 10 participants.
No horse experience is necessary.

Team Building (TB) is a group event where the horse does the teaching and facilitators offer explanations and provide guidance. Activities are designed to develop problem-solving skills that encourage individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your team. This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment

The focus is not on horsemanship or riding. Instead, it involves intentionally designed activities with the horses that require individuals and groups to apply and develop important relationship and life skills. 

TB is facilitated by our team, who are certified in Equine Assisted Learning. The horses are co-facilitators in the learning process for human emotional growth, learning and change. Our facilitators find those “teachable moments” that will make a big impact.

A TB event builds trust and communication in a fun, engaging atmosphere that is collaborative rather than competitive. It is a powerful journey of teaching, learning, and understanding.

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Equine-Assisted Learning For Women

Spring & Fall 2024


Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? We have faith-based equine-assisted learning for women that will help you find peace in your current season of life. This is a group activity. No horse experience is necessary to participate. 

Maximum Group Size: 6 Women

Cost: $140/person for the 4-week program.

There are only 6 spots available.

If you need a scholarship, please contact the office

Childcare is not provided.

Junior Ranch program.jpg

Junior Ranch Hand

This program gives opportunity to gain experience working on the ranch assisting with the horses and chores. Learning the skills necessary to succeed in a work environment. 

Responsibility, completing assigned tasks, learning to work in a team environment, learning to be trustworthy, are a few of the skills.  Participants are under the supervision of our barn manager. Graduates of our Youth Program are equipped to enter the workforce with confidence. H.U.G.S. Ranch is delighted to be a reference on their applications.  If interested please contact the office to see if there are any openings. Applicants need to go through an interview process with Lisa or Grace. Acceptance of an application is at the discretion of our executive director and based on the Ranch’s current need.  No fee.

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